Grassroots adoption of crypto in Australia, powered by Qoin

With all the positives stacked in its favour,Grassroots adoption of crypto in Australia, powered by Qoin Articles the numbers are staggering just in three months. As one merchant puts it, “it’s almost like a viral currency” in Australia. Qoin makes transactions easier for SME businesses. It increases their liquidity and offers them an opportunity to convert their idle time and spare resources to digital assets. With an easily downloadable decentralised wallet from App Store or Google Play Store, business owners can sign up and get 1000 free Qoins into their wallets. The merchant has to set up a business listing to receive the credit of 1000 Qoins. They would also need an Australian Business Number to be part of the Qoin Merchant system. Signed up merchants will be allowed to gift Qoins to their favourite customers eventually. Details of this are not announced yet.

Australian-based cryptocurrency Qoin initiated Buy world of warcraft gift card online by Bartercard International is being adopted by 100s of merchants across the country in what can be classified as the fastest ever adoption spree of any cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. It’s taken over ten years for Bitcoin to see the levels of adoption we see now in the mainstream. But for Qoin, in less than 3 months, the project has seen merchants flocking to its currency. From cafes to grocery stores to hotels and restaurants, you can now spend Qoin at several outlets in Australia.

Qoin makes blockchain more interesting when it comes to user adoption. The architects of Qoin have planned mass adoption as a starting point. The team behind Qoin has had 28 years of experience in Australia implementing systems for merchants to transact with each other using digital currencies. With blockchain tech available, it was just the next logical step for BCI. They’ve simplified the blockchain jargon for the everyday merchant and customer and the adoption has been as smooth as it can be. You even have a phone number to reach out for tech support and customer service. For most crypto users who are only familiar with getting help from friends on Telegram and Discord, this is an absolutely new concept. In a nutshell, Qoin offers a mix of old school customer support with new fintech infrastructure.

Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies are easily transactable in several parts of the world these days. All a customer needs to do is sign up with or Wirex, transfer your crypto assets to a spending wallet and you are ready to spend using a Visa or Mastercard issued by or Wirex. It’s not difficult anymore to do your grocery shopping with crypto assets.