A short guide to fix leaking vaporisers

If you do notice your vaporiser is leaking,A short guide to fix leaking vaporisers Articles we have a couple of easy fix solutions to help you out.

Understanding what is causing the leak

Sometimes when you experience e-liquid leaking into your battery it actually isn’t a leak at all but rather a flooding problem. Flooding refers to when you inhale the vapour too forcefully which causes extra liquid to be drawn from the tank. If your heating coil can’t vaporise all of it you either get in all over your battery or a mouthful of the excess.

This scenario is a lose-lose situation because you either risk breaking your device or get a mouthful of e-juice. If you do notice that e-liquid is coming from your battery terminal it is likely that the issue is a flooding problem rather than a leak. Flooding also occurs when you try to overfill your tank. Many people forget how much e-liquid is in their tank when they refill it which leads to flooding. Leaking however is when there is a crack somewhere in the tank which causes the e-juice to drip out. You may find that some e-liquids are common in causing cracks in certain tanks in which they normally come or recommended being filled into a glass one instead.

Preventing your dripping problem

After you have identified what is causing the problem the next step is to prevent it from happening. If you are experiencing flooding issues you may be in luck as there may be nothing from with your device at all. Double check to see if your coil is working correctly and you should be good to go. To check all you have to do is disassemble the device and wipe off the extra liquid. To prevent flooding in the future be sure to inhale slowly as well as getting a clear tank to see how much e-liquid you have in your container at all times.

Some people fall into the unfortunate category of having a tank with an actual crack in it. If this is the case your best bet is to purchase a new one. Additionally if your coil is one its last leg it may be time to consider replacing that as well.

Direct dripping

There is a technique in the vaping novo smok community known as direct dripping, where users get more vapour without compromising the flavour of their e-juice. This method does have drawbacks though as your heating coil doesn’t contain a material to catch the excess liquid that you are bringing to it. This leads to even the most experienced users having some extra e-juice on their hands every once and awhile. You can purchase drip tips to make this process a lot easier but even then you don’t counteract all of the drawbacks that this method brings. Vapers that do intend to “drip” are advised to take extra caution as like we mentioned before, direct contact with liquids that contain nicotine can make you ill.

So by now hopefully you know how to find the root cause of your leak and get back to vaping in no time. If you get stuck along any point of the process there are many vape shops out there that are more than happy to help.